Alternative UI for Apereo uPortal (originally built for MyUW)

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This documentation describes uPortal-home, the free and open source alternative front end for uPortal, used in e.g. MyUW. uPortal-home is based on uPortal App-Framework (which has its own documentation).

uPortal-home is an Apereo Incubating project in the uPortal ecosystem.

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Many contributors make this project possible.

Presentations and screenshots

Demoing and implementing

You can partially demonstrate uPortal-home without a backing server, using provided stub example data. See the root README.md for how; start with that simplest possible local demo.

Of course for a more sophisticated demo or to adopt for real you will need to configure your uPortal-home to work with a uPortal instance.


Home page

Persistent layout of widgets

The home page presents widgets in a remembered order. Logged in users can add to, remove from, and re-order this list.

Under the hood, the home page layout is implemented as a personalized layout fragment in uPortal’s DLM, so uPortal-home delivers (and updates) a default set and ordering of home page content that is filtered to the viewing user’s permissions.

Toggleable view modes

Widgets show on the home page in either a minimalist “compact mode” or a rich “expanded mode”. uPortal-home takes a guess at the best default mode for a given browser and users can toggle the mode, with their preference stored in browser local storage.

More about widgets

App directory

Browse a directory of apps, sort them alphabetically or by rating, and filter them by category. You can also directly launch the app or view the details about an app on its deep-linkable details page.

Search app directory entries, the web (with Google Custom Search integration), or a directory of people (with directory search integration).

Integration with uPortal